Friday, October 2, 2015

Back in Japan (September 2015)...Farmshop Tokyo opened

In the same week I was back in Japan this time, Farmshop Tokyo opened in Futako-Tamagawa district.

 photo thumb_IMG_1820_1024_zps9tye3uhw.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1822_1024_zpskbfye5qc.jpg
Farmshop originally opened in Los Angeles, followed by Marin County. They serve high-casual farm-to-table California cuisine. When I heard the news that they opened a Tokyo location, I was so excited, so I went to check it out with a friend.

 photo thumb_IMG_1830_1024_zpsahsnzbn7.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1831_1024_zpswzyvb3bm.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1825_1024_zpscnj2qxhm.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1834_1024_zpshpe0o4xu.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1835_1024_zpswqs0ouh6.jpg
The dishes were really delicious and made me feel like I was back in California! Tokyo people are so lucky that they can eat the real California cuisine in the heart of Tokyo.

It was really wonderful to meet Jeff, the chef/ owner of Farmshop there, too! He flew from California to stay in Tokyo for a few weeks to open the restaurant and train all the staff.

Very exciting!