Monday, October 19, 2015

Trip to Italy (Abruzzo - Fall 2015)...First lunch in a quiet medieval town

I left Rome in the morning.

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From Rome, I flew to Pescara in a propeller plane! The flight was only about 40 minutes. Pescara is a small main airport, right by Adriatic Sea in Abruzzo region. From the airport, I took a taxi to a town of Loreto Apruto, which is about 30 minutes drive to inland.

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This will be my home in the next couple of nights. It's a beautiful medieval castle, a simbol of Loreto Apruto and restructured to a hotel. The atmosphere in this hotel is very special and you can feel the fine history all over.

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The hotel has a courtyard-turned-to-lounge area with very high glass roof ceilings, and also restaurants inside.

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It's situated on top of the hill, so the hotel overlooks the beautiful town of Loreto Apruto.

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I took a walk around town. There are so many narrow slopes.

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For lunch, I stopped by at a local trattoria. A glass of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo was only 3 euros and so good.

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A plate of traditional vegetarian dishes included a lot of beans and grains. I also had roasted pleurotus mushrooms (oyster mushrooms) with olive oil and pecorino cheese. It was such a enjoyable lunch