Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Back in Japan (September 2015)...Dinner at Sudachi

Donabe ikura gohan

On a Saturday night, I got together with girlfriends from high school. We met at a place called, Sudachi, which is also situated near the school we went.

 photo thumb_IMG_1787_1024_zps5r0ajsjo.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_1784_1024_zpsgv9dgscz.jpg
This is a small hidden Japanese restaurant, located in the basement of a small building in Minami-Aoyama district in Tokyo. They serve modern Japanese dishes there.

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The starters...Broiled goma tofu (sesame jelly), crab meat tossed in tofu sauce, tonburi, chrysanthemum, eggplant, uni, and persimmon. Fig wrapped in beef carpaccio, gelee of tosazu sauce.

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Shiratama mocha ball, filled with turtle meat, with Yukiguni mattock and tsuyu ginger in a dashi broth.
Nigiri sushi medley.
Foie gras fran, in mushroom duccel soup.
Grilled matsutake mushrooms and beltfish, sudachi citrus & grated daikon.
Beef and burdock nabe, fried taro, sansho pepper.

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Gyokuro green tea shot, and purple yam sake!

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Time for donabe rice! It was inure rice. So wonderful.

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Dessert with yogurt sake, followed by matcha.

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So happy to be their friend for many years!