Monday, October 19, 2015

Trip to Italy (Rome - October 2015)...Modern Roman

For dinner on Saturday, Hiroto took me to Osteria Fernanda, where they serve modern Italian cuisine. The place was in a quiet residential neighborhood outside of central Rome.

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We took a table upstairs. I must say it was the best table, as we could see the entire dining space, as well as the kitchen right next to us through a glass wall! The head chef and his team were all very young people.

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Very charming owner. We started with Fiano di Avellino.

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All the breads are homemade here, too. We requested one of their tasting menu.

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Antipasti. Super delicate herb (I forgot what it was!) sponge with raw prawns, etc., smoked eggplant sheets on top of foie-gras, stuffed with rice grains, and oysters from France. I was already extremely excited. So unique and so good.

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Raw hand-sliced saltimbocca, foie-gras, sage, and cherry. Mare e monti salad...sea and woods grass with wild thistle cream.

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Spaghetti "Benedetto Cavalieri" with "burned and smoked" eggplant sauce, scampi tartare and pistachio. Such a crazy and great flavor combinations! "Cappelletto" (house-made pasta made with beer), parmesan sauce, foie gras, mushroom and hazel nuts.

 photo thumb_IMG_2907_1024_zpshxgaluti.jpg
Pluma Iberica (special cut of Spanish Iberico pork), parsnip, passion fruit and ice n'duja (chili sausage).

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After the pre-dessert of sorbet, the main dessert was fermented black garlic mousse, red beer ice cream, and fried peels of tubers.

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Unbelievable dinner! What I was most amazed about was the chef was not trying to just be just progressive, but all the unique flavor combinations and textures were really wonderful. Super talented young chef. I also loved the aprons the waiters were wearing. They were made out of the fabric from sofa!