Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trip to Italy (Abruzzo - October 2015)...Dinner in the castle

After tasting 13 kinds of wine with a feast by Rabasco's mamma, I was so content and didn't want to move! We came back to our castle (hotel) later in the afternoon and I took a hard nap.

 photo thumb_IMG_3210_1024_zpsbzakakwj.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_3234_1024_zps1hk4xdbi.jpg
Then, I woke up and it was already dinner time.

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Goat cheese, grilled vegetables, zucchini cream, topped with black truffles. Homemade paccheri pasta with eggplant cream. This large tube pasta was my favorite dish of the night.

 photo thumb_IMG_3228_1024_zpsz25cwz08.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_3231_1024_zpsjl01f3cc.jpg
Beef tailgate with crispy potatoes and vegetables. Pear and ricotta cheese mousse.

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We enjoyed local wines, including 2012 Valentini Trebbiano d'Abruzzo. Rich and nice.