Thursday, February 12, 2015

Back in Japan (February 2015)...Family time, then back to LA

Regular amount(?) of shopping

As always, I also enjoyed some local dining.

 photo IMG_8336_zpswfzedfgk.jpg  photo IMG_8337_zpsfraszzxf.jpg
There is an extremely popular hole-in-the-wall ramen joint near my mom's place. People make a long line to get in there. Their very rustic ramen is always very good. Then, at another Chinese (but a little more sophisticated) place, I like to order shrimp in chili sauce whenever I go there. The shrimp are so big and plump.

 photo IMG_8353_zpsifbfw28d.jpg  photo IMG_8357_zpsmhxrdeco.jpg  photo IMG_8376_zpsmiek7m2z.jpg
My mom turned 75! So, we had a birthday dinner for her at her favorite bistro near home.

 photo IMG_8379_zpsvvncdax8.jpg  photo IMG_8382_zpsume6c5so.jpg
It was a short but productive stay back in Japan this time. Before I headed to the airport, we had tempura lunch together. My nephew, Wataru, was so bummed that I had never watched Heroes 6 movie, as he was crazy about the movie. (He said, "I can't believe you live in America and you've never watched the movie!"). Then, I found it in the returning flight's on-demand movies. So, I chose it, of course, and enjoyed it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Back in Japan (February 2015)...Lemon Nabe...Hiroshima-style donabe hot pot dish

In Ginza, I met another old friend from high school.

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We went to a Hiroshima cuisine restaurant in Ginza. Hiroshima is famous for oysters and seafood. Sashimi course was super fresh. Fried oysters and oyster rice were sublime. Those large oysters were so plump and rich.

 photo IMG_8322_zpsirv2nj91.jpg  photo IMG_8323_zpstpldsosa.jpg
Then, each of us were served an individual size donabe hot pot dish. It's called Lemon Nabe (lemon hot pot), which has become a local specialty of Hiroshima past years. Hiroshima is also known as the largest lemon producing region in Japan. In a small donabe, sea bream head, pork belly, oysters, and vegetables were cooked in a lemon-dashi broth, then to finish, the dish was topped with slices of lemon and green onion and cooked (covered) for extra minute or so. Hiroshima lemons are quite delicate and mild, so we were encouraged to eat the lemon slices, too. The dish was really delicious! it was rich in all the flavors and somewhat refreshing at the same time.

Once I return to LA, I want to recreate a lemon hot pot with California meyer lemon in my classic-style donabe!

 photo IMG_8321_zpssvywrcmf.jpg
We talked and laughed over wonderful meal. Happy donabe time.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Back in Japan (February 2015)...Zen dinner in Tokyo

A course of seasonal dishes at Sosaibo

Back in Tokyo, I got together with two of my best friends from high school.

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We met at Sosaibo. It's a hidden tiny restaurant called, Sosaibo, in Meguro. My friend, Rie, is a frequent diner there. Sosaibo has been run by a husband and wife team for 31 years! Once you enter, there is a tiny kitchen in the front and a tatami room with just two tables in the back.

 photo IMG_8133_zpsw0w4xql3.jpg  photo IMG_8136_zpsifolvam6.jpg  photo IMG_8139_zpsy5od5zep.jpg  photo IMG_8142_zpsxjnbl6sa.jpg  photo IMG_8169_zpsbeb5xyeh.jpg  photo IMG_8174_zpsctiqwbkt.jpg
They specialize in Zen (Buddhist) cooking. So, they make mostly vegan shojin dishes, but they also serve fish and meat, if you request. The dishes are served in multiple courses, so we requested a meal including shojin hot pot as well as non vegetarian dishes. They also offer a wide selection of sake! Every dish was so carefully prepared with such details. They represented philosophy of zen, the harmony, and also the season.

 photo IMG_8187_zps7hptoqwj.jpg  photo IMG_8203_zpsnmg2dsrz.jpg  photo IMG_8209_zpsltrj8tat.jpg  photo IMG_8227_zpsz67gjv7j.jpg  photo IMG_8228_zps5hcy3a6a.jpg
The main course was a shojin-style hot pot. It was amazing. The "shime" finishing course was soba, cooked in the remaining broth.

 photo IMG_8229_zpsxsefeqdx.jpg  photo IMG_8223_zpsxjyqb409.jpg
We had a wonderful time with great spiritual dishes!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Back in Japan (February 2015)...Relaxation in Hakone

Time to relax in Hakone

A day after coming back from snowy Niigata, I packed again and went on another trip. This time, to our regular resort in Hakone.

 photo IMG_8015_zpsxh2h889t.jpg
Because we were worried about the snow, we decided to take a train this time. It's just a little over 1 hour from Tokyo to Odawara. After nice soba lunch, we were picked up by the resort's shuttle.

 photo IMG_8016_zpstf4aid43.jpg  photo IMG_8020_zpslykwho4r.jpg  photo IMG_8018_zpsru8hqwj8.jpg  photo IMG_8019_zpsueklc16m.jpg
It took about 40 minutes from Odawara to the resort. The resort is in Gora district of Hakone, and it's a historic retreat area in the mountain. From our room, we can see a big Chinese character, "大" (meaning "big" or "great") in the mountain. Every summer, in the "Daimonji-yaki" Festival, torches are lit to form this character. So, that's what's left after the festival. Contrary to our worry, it was a beautiful sunny day in Hakone, and we found only a little residue of the snow on the ground.

 photo IMG_8028_zpsfguqblyb.jpg  photo IMG_8025_zpso3cetfg8.jpg  photo IMG_8030_zpsplogufro.jpg  photo IMG_8118_zpsfxcnwtwm.jpg
After the relaxing onsen (hot spring) time, we enjoyed aperitif time with Champagne and raclette in their lounge.

 photo IMG_8055_zpsfxifadia.jpg  photo IMG_8056_zpsdp1f2nww.jpg  photo IMG_8057_zpsxroptdqm.jpg  photo IMG_8101_zpsnfwq8rru.jpg  photo IMG_8115_zpsdqpl0fv6.jpg
We enjoyed dinner and more relaxation. My nephew, Wataru, is now taller than me! He is turning 14 this May.

 photo IMG_8120_zps37j06r4q.jpg  photo IMG_8122_zpsbqq5zvd0.jpg  photo IMG_8123_zpsjlagtxde.jpg  photo IMG_8127_zpsi9rbb1il.jpg
The next morning was another gorgeous day. I alway look forward to their breakfast including freshly baked bread and pastries. Can't wait to come back next time.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Back in Japan (January 2015)...Visit to Kiminoi Shuzo

Sake Tasting at Kiminoi Shuzo

After the amazing sushi lunch with Kanzuri's Tojo-sans, we had an appointment with Kiminoi Shuzo, an artisan sake brewery, run by the same family since 1842.

 photo IMG_7965_zpsebjdgqkn.jpg
Kiminoi Shuzo is also located in Arai district of Myoko, Niigata. Tanaka-san, the current generation of the brewery family, came to welcome us there. In fact, Kanzuri's Tojo-san and Kiminoi's Tanaka-san are very good friends.

 photo IMG_7971_zpstnqxolxc.jpg  photo IMG_7966_zpsdbvtkzme.jpg  photo IMG_7968_zpsqyxgtkyg.jpg  photo IMG_7967_zps6ifqbzpd.jpg  photo IMG_7970_zpsgqubroie.jpg  photo IMG_7972_zpslsj3gcbl.jpg
We had a tour of the very historic brewery. It was like, we time-travelled to Edo Period.

 photo IMG_7973_zpsu6c8hylm.jpg  photo IMG_7974_zpsmtuqfuxw.jpg  photo IMG_7975_zpsj65kskxy.jpg  photo IMG_0104_2_zpscvm6wyag.jpg  photo IMG_7983_zpsufrmwhbf.jpg  photo IMG_7987_zpsqet6lugn.jpg  photo IMG_7989_zpshf94i2ls.jpg  photo IMG_7990_zpsat8ugrqh.jpg
The polish rate of the rice for their Daiginjo sake is 35%. The remaining 65% of the rice is sold to rice cracker companies and bakeries. Nice idea!

 photo IMG_7992_zpsrbexkf4h.jpg  photo IMG_7993_zpsxr5ie5ib.jpg  photo IMG_0115_2_zpsmzzjpgsc.jpg  photo IMG_7997_zpsokxlxf30.jpg  photo IMG_0117_2_zpskftfp9ie.jpg  photo IMG_8001_zps3hgs8h4b.jpg  photo IMG_8002_zpsfowhxl5j.jpg
We got to see almost the entire process of their sake making. It was really nice.

 photo IMG_8005_zpsk8sf2ohz.jpg  photo IMG_8007_zpsjenv3aed.jpg
After the tour, we tasted their sake line-up with Tanaka-san. Kiminoi Shuzo makes truly artisan sake, and I loved them so much. Thank you so much for the generous hospitality, Tanaka-san!

 photo IMG_8008_zpsnmdshnt9.jpg
In the late afternoon, we left the snowy country. I can't wait to come back!