Saturday, October 17, 2015

Trip to Italy (Rome - October 2015)...Bonjorno Rome

Just a week after I came back to LA from Hawaii, I was packing again already and traveling again.

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This time, Italy. Yes, it's my annual wine trip, and I will travel Abruzzo and Marche regions this year. Before visiting these regions, I wanted to spend a few days in Rome. I arrived on Thursday morning. The weather was so gorgeous in Rome!

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I checked in with a historic hotel in the central Rome. This hotel was built in 1889 and has been accommodating many important guests, including Italian and international celebrities.

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There are many pictures in the walls from old times.

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I was so badly jet lagged and sleepy, but I wanted to have lunch. I stopped by at a local trattoria and enjoyed seafood spaghetti.

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After a long hard nap in the afternoon, I was hungry again. Monkfish over cacciatore was tasty with Primitive from Sicily.

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Then, I was sleepy again. Haha. But, I spent a short time at a classic hotel bar.

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Next morning, I was looking forward to the breakfast at the hotel's main dining. I enjoyed the Italian style breakfast with a glass of spumante.