Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back home from Italy...Donabe Risotto with Donabe-smoked Scallops

We left the hotel on Saturday morning and drove to Milano Airport. Everybody else was going back to Tokyo, so I said good-by to them at the airport. I will miss them until next time...we travel together every year, and they are such wonderful companions.

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Travel back to LA was not too bad. During the flight from Milano to Frankfurt, they served a dish of smoked lamb and tuna. Both were basically raw, and I was surprised that they serve raw meat on the airplane! But, it was actually tasty. The dinner during the flight from Frankfurt was surprisingly good, it was chicken with morel mushroom sauce. I had a few glasses and fell asleep nicely!

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Back home, and I had a ritual of unpacking party. Upon Jason's request, I got nice local cheeses. All the wines were in perfect condition. I was so happy, and the cheeses tasted amazing.

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I brought home a bag of risotto and spice mix, from a rice producer in Alba, Piemonte. So, I translated the recipe by Google translate and made the risotto with my Kyoto-style shallow donabe, "Kyoto Ame-yu". I realized that this doanbe is perfect for making authentic Italian risotto because of the shallow body and how it distribute the heat. Right before finish cooking the rice, I added a slice of butter and blanched and cut asparagus.

 photo IMG_6546_zps9daf9720.jpg  photo IMG_6558_zpsdc7c31e2.jpg
While the rice was cooking, I smoked scallops with my donabe smoker, "Ibushi Gin". Then, served them with the donabe made risotto. The dish came our perfectly!! Wow, I tasted the wonderful collaboration of Italy and donabe. I was so happy.

 photo IMG_6633_zpsf05237b0.jpg
On another day, with bottarga from Sardinia (I bought it directly from the producer at Salone del Gusto), I made bottarga pasta with radicchio in tagine-style donabe, "Fukkura-san". I grated almost 2 sacks of bottarga and also sliced some for topping. While boiling the pasta, I sautéed sliced garlic and radicchio in olive oil in the skillet of Fukkura-san. Once the pasta is ready, I transferred the pasta to the Fukkura-san and added the grated bottarga with a slice of butter. Quickly tossed everything and topped with some sliced bottarga and black pepper. It was so decadent and delicious!

Happy donabe life.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Trip to Italy (October 2014 - Piemonte)...Finale dinner at Ristorante alls Torre

Beef with Gattinara wine sauce

Our great adventure in Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta was coming close to an end already.

 photo IMG_6491_zps273a264c.jpg  photo IMG_6492_zps72cf73dd.jpg  photo IMG_6495_zpse3e0ddc1.jpg  photo IMG_6498_zps0e7b334e.jpg
After visiting Antoniolo, we visited Lake Orta. It's a historic town with a beautiful scenery. Inside of the lake is a small island. I loved the view and also the architecture.

 photo IMG_6503_zps3c8c41fb.jpg  photo IMG_6505_zps62c9599d.jpg  photo IMG_6520_zps74930978.jpg
For dinner, we returned to Gattinara, to go to Ristorante alla Torre. The place is a recommendation from Rosanna of Antoniolo. They serve regional style Piemontese cuisine there.

 photo IMG_6507_zps0c0e635c.jpg  photo IMG_6508_zps3b07b4c9.jpg  photo IMG_6509_zpse84a1644.jpg  photo IMG_6511_zpsfc469328.jpg  photo IMG_6515_zps08810c95.jpg  photo IMG_6522_zps4561973c.jpg  photo IMG_6525_zpsdafb9f72.jpg  photo IMG_6526_zps1cfdf0a1.jpg
We had a private room and enjoyed our wrap dinner party. The dishes were so delicious, and so as the wines.

We are going home tomorrow...I don't want to leave Italy yet.

Trip to Italy (October 2014 - Piemonte)...Visit to Antoniolo

Antoniolo's winemaker, Alberto, in front of their vineyard

Later last night, we arrived in Sillavengo, about 1 hour drive to northeast from Torino.

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Until Saturday, we stay at this historic villa, which was originally built in 16th century. We had a late night meal at a restaurant inside of the villa, then went to bed. This morning, it was another gorgeous sunny day. I took a walk around the villa.

 photo IMG_6450_zps41eda613.jpg  photo IMG_6452_zps7cf76e3c.jpg  photo IMG_6460_zps02f108e3.jpg  photo IMG_6461_zps3ea6e4c0.jpg  photo IMG_6469_zps728eebd6.jpg  photo IMG_6470_zpscda91845.jpg
Today's highlight was visiting Antoniolo, a leading producer of Gattinara DOCG in Piemonte. We met Antoniolo's 3rd generation owner, Rosanna, and their winemaker, Alberto. They drove us to their vineyard on and surrounding a hill. They grow Nebbiolo there to make very elegant Gattinara.

 photo IMG_6477_zps2b00f9ad.jpg  photo IMG_6478_zps7fce524e.jpg  photo IMG_6479_zpsfdb6fdcd.jpg  photo IMG_6483_zpsf4fa65f8.jpg  photo IMG_6484_zps1ceb3d78.jpg  photo IMG_6489_zpsd1bc6f7c.jpg
After coming back to the winery, we had a tour of the inside. Then, we had a tasting of their lineup. As I've been a fan of Antoniolo's wines, it was such a great experience to taste their wines side-by-side after visiting the vineyards. So beautiful.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trip to Italy (October 2014 - Piemonte)...I went crazy at Salone del Gusto

Piles of Scamorza Appassiato at Salone del Gusto

In the late afternoon, we came back to Torino.

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We went to Salone del Gusto, which is the world's largest food & wine fair, held every two years in Torino. There are hundred of wine and gourmet producers from all over Italy and from different countries.

 photo IMG_6406_zps92e270cc.jpg  photo IMG_6410_zps22125bb3.jpg  photo IMG_6411_zps93dbfc4f.jpg  photo IMG_6412_zps20ed907a.jpg  photo IMG_6413_zps020765b6.jpg  photo IMG_6414_zps156dd103.jpg
The venue is so huge that it's impossible to walk around in just one day. So, I decided to focus on Piemonte and also checked out a few other regions of Italy.

 photo IMG_6417_zps528d1529.jpg  photo IMG_6418_zps81d23db3.jpg  photo IMG_6419_zps65fb9bcb.jpg  photo IMG_6420_zps1e7c8c89.jpg  photo IMG_6422_zps105f8a96.jpg  photo IMG_6424_zps3511cbe4.jpg  photo IMG_6425_zps07c8cbf3.jpg  photo IMG_6429_zps4af24c1c.jpg
I kept walking and visiting different producers. I tasted so many different things, too. I met the winemaker from Carema, too! In just a couple of hours, I bought so many things that my arms felt like almost breaking. Cheeses, chocolate, rice, ancient beans, olive oil, and even a bottle of Bicerine, a historic chocolate & coffee liqueur from Torino!