Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Trip to Italy (Marche - October 2015)...Lunch at Le Caniette

Beautiful morning at Emidio Pepe property.

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I took a little walk around before breakfast.

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The view was just so gorgeous there.

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Breakfast was simple and good.

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After breakfast, we drove across the regional border to Marche region. We visited Le Caniette in Ripatransone, the southern end of Marche and only 8 km from the sea. The brothers, Giovanni and Luigi hosted our visit. Giovanni first gave us a tour of their vineyards. The vineyards are total about 16 ha.

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In cantina, fermentation of Montepulciano was under way.

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Tasting time.

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It was so interesting to taste different vintages and styles of Pecorino they make.

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Then, they treated us to lunch! They invite their friend chef, Massimo, to make Marche style lunch for us. We started with fried stuffed olive with pork.

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Salumi plate was followed by a salad of pomegranate, lightly pickled fennel, cabbage, apple, etc. He poured freshly pressed olive oil from Caniette.

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Scrambled egg and lamb was such a nice combination. Then, sautéed Passerina grape (same grape which are used for making wine) with salsiccia was such a surprise great dish.

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Tacco pasta (hand-rolled pasta) with pork guanciale.

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With more wine, we had such a wonderful time. What a generous hospitality they gave us!

Here are the wines we tasted...
2014 Passerina "Lucrettina"
2014 Pecorino "Veronica" (DOCG Offida)
2013 Pecorino "Gaia" (No MLF)
2011 Pecorino "Gaia"(12-hr maceration)
2010 Pecorino "Gaia" (12-hr maceration)
2004 Pecorino "Gaia"(longer maceration)
2013 Rosso Bello (DOC Piceno, 50/50 Montepulciano/ Sangiovese)
2010 Morellone (70/30 Montepulciano/ Sangiovese)
2003 Morellone
2010 Cinabro (DOC Marche Rosso, 100% Bordo grape)
2007 Nero di Vite (50/50 Montepulciano/ Sangiovese)
2003 Nero di Vite (50/50 Montepulciano/ Sangiovese)
2001 Nero di Vite (50/50 Montepulciano/ Sangiovese)
2007 Pecorino "Gaia"