Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trip to Hawaii (Oahu-Fall 2015)...Saturday fun

Day 4

It was Saturday, so Jason's weekend started and he could hang out all day long!

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We left early to make it to the 7.30 am opening of KCC Farmers' Market. This place gets packed once it opens with both locals and tourists.

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It's so fun to check out different local vendors there.

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Eating is another fun thing at this farmers' market. There are many tasty vendors. My birthday breakfast of smoked duck pho from Pig and the Lady! So good.

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We also had takoyaki.

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Local organic ant.

 photo thumb_IMG_2213_1024_zpsushimm2v.jpg
And also ice cream...ogo seaweed and strawberry flavors (both local ingredients).

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We were quite full, then we drove to the North Shore to swim in the Waimea Falls.

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After all the activities, we got hungry again. So we had plate lunch from Honos truck in Haleiwa. Their BBQ kale and butter spicy shrimp plate was so good.