Friday, October 9, 2015

Trip to Hawaii (Oahu-Fall 2015)...Lunch plate and Okinawan evening

Day 2

Jason had a full day at work. I worked out in the morning, did some work, then walked to Kapahulu Ave. to have lunch at Aloha Terrace Loco Moco.

 photo thumb_IMG_2087_1024_zps6nnfcpiy.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_2091_1024_zpsbv0uptxv.jpg
It's a low key local place, and as the name suggests, they are known for loco moco. I originally planned to order their loco moco, then miso chicken sounded so good, so I went with miso chicken plate lunch. It was so good!

In the afternoon, I spent some time for shopping.
Jason came back to the hotel early evening.

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For dinner, we went back to our regular local spot, Sunrise Restaurant. It's a BYOB Okinawan izakaya and super homey place. It's run by the husband & wife team, Katsu-san and Tomoko-san. We were happy to see them again!

 photo thumb_IMG_2112_1024_zpstmnvg9vv.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_2111_1024_zpsw76vioaw.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_2117_1024_zps1t2cdioe.jpg
We enjoyed rustic izakaya dishes at the counter seating.

 photo thumb_IMG_2121_1024_zpsuwtbfdbf.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_2124_1024_zpsg5m60ylu.jpg
And, of course, Okinawa-style pork dishes! Katsu-san's pig feet soup was so good. I enjoy it so much every time.

I look forward to coming back here again next time.