Friday, November 29, 2013

Back in Japan (November 2013)…Donabe meals in Kyoto

House-cured "karasumi" (salt-preserved mullet roe) at Tokuwo

November 8 (Fri)

Before we left Iga in the morning, we took a walk and visited Iga Castle.

 photo IMG_0208_zps8880550f.jpg  photo IMG_0210_zps8697d86f.jpg
We had wonderful 3 days in Iga, so it was hard to leave. We rented a car, I drove, and headed to our next destination, Kyoto.

 photo IMG_0211_zps9cbc7380.jpg  photo IMG_0212_zps5041ea95.jpg  photo IMG_0213_zpsfb6c0a76.jpg  photo IMG_0222_zps5d4359dc.jpg
In less than 2 hours, we were already in Kyoto. It was lunchtime, so I suggested that we go to Ryoanji to have their classic donabe "yudofu" (simmered tofu) lunch. It's a traditional "shojin" (Buddhist temple-style vegan) meal and was perfect. After lunch, we paid a visit to the inside of the temple, then headed to a "samue" (traditional Japanese work outfit) tailor. The tailor was introduced by the chairman of Nagatani-en, because Kyle and Eric loved his "samue" and asked where they can buy. And, they did buy the same denim samue!

 photo IMG_0229_zps29148ec7.jpg  photo IMG_0228_zpse8e6f4ad.jpg  photo IMG_0230_zpsb1683d36.jpg
Dinner was at a small local restaurant, Tokuwo. They are known for small donabe dishes including "suppon" (Japanese turtle) donabe soup. So, we got a permission from Tokuwo-san (owner chef) to do professional photoshoot there during dinner. He was so kind!

 photo IMG_0231_zpsab58df12.jpg  photo IMG_0506_zpsb9cfa71e.jpg  photo IMG_0233_zps13aca444.jpg
The dinner course was so amazing that I almost forgot that we were here for the shooting.

 photo IMG_0234_zpsae237f25.jpg  photo IMG_0512_zps78d5bc2b.jpg  photo IMG_0238_zps1c47d203.jpg  photo IMG_0240_zpscee27f16.jpg  photo IMG_0241_zps6412bd0a.jpg
Then, we did do some work…but we simply really enjoyed the meal there. Their house-cured "karasumi" was fantastic.

 photo IMG_0243_zps4831edf4.jpg  photo IMG_0246_zpsc7f20a7f.jpg  photo IMG_0531_zpsd4e0e297.jpg  photo IMG_0249_zps5df84681.jpg  photo IMG_0250_zpse8c094ee.jpg  photo IMG_0251_zps8f692b34.jpg
We had 3 donabe dishes total plus many other. Fantastic dinner.

Thank you so much, Tokuwo-san! Happy donabe life.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back in Japan (November 2013)…Donabe Photoshoot in Iga…Final dinner (Day 3)

Oysters and shirako in donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe"

November 7 (Thurs)

On the final evening in Iga in this trip, Nagatani family hosted a very Iga-style "omotenashi" (Japanese hospitality) dinner for us.

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Appetizers included donabe-smoked seafood and pork.

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Lots of fun.

 photo IMG_0173_zpse0370c22.jpg  photo IMG_0424_zpsd607c39d.jpg  photo IMG_0427_zps99c9e2e3.jpg  photo IMG_0178_zpsd08d388e.jpg  photo IMG_0180_zps511eec1a.jpg
Donabe truly unites people. It's all about communal experience. The donabe steamed dish was very seasonal oysters and "shirako"(cod sperm). Rich and creamy!

 photo IMG_0438_zpsd98d015e.jpg  photo IMG_0184_zps2442af96.jpg  photo IMG_0189_zps6a8ebb36.jpg
Donabe rice was local matsutake mushrooms, the donabe soup was crab miso soup.

 photo IMG_0198_zps34a521bc.jpg  photo IMG_0201_zpsbe7b0be8.jpg
In the end, Eric became the chairman, and the chairman became Eric!

Super happy donabe life.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Back in Japan (November 2013)…Donabe Photoshoot in Iga (Day 3)

Donabe going into the kiln at Nagatani-en

November 7 (Thurs)

At Nagatani-en, the family and the employees start the morning by gathering and greeting to each other every day.

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And, they do traditional Japanese morning exercise routine (it's called "radio exercise") every morning. So, we joined them!

 photo IMG_0110_zpsf7230fae.jpg  photo IMG_0113_zps7efd1951.jpg  photo IMG_0335_zps8549d56b.jpg  photo IMG_0116_zpsc326bf2f.jpg  photo IMG_0117_zpsc71b0e97.jpg
We spent half day shooting at their production.

 photo IMG_0119_zps9c9a3caa.jpg  photo IMG_0123_zps0c0d0763.jpg  photo IMG_0125_zps4393c178.jpg
More shooting.

 photo IMG_0127_zps34ba9529.jpg  photo IMG_0128_zpscecdcd74.jpg  photo IMG_0360_zpsc1a98d6b.jpg  photo IMG_0136_zpsbf452caf.jpg  photo IMG_0140_zps863c3bb3.jpg
And, more…

 photo IMG_0047_zps89695309.jpg  photo IMG_0153_zpsd4d08130.jpg
For lunch break, we drove to a popular Iga pork restaurant.

 photo IMG_0146_zps24219ab5.jpg  photo IMG_0147_zps9ad7646e.jpg  photo IMG_0154_zpsd124f4ed.jpg  photo IMG_0157_zps1a43d824.jpg
And, more shooting!

Whether it's made from a wheel or a a mold, Nagatani-en's every donabe is made with extreme care, and the entire process is super detail-oriented and meticulously-orchestrated. Indeed every one of them is treated like their own baby. They are the works of true artisan.

Happy donabe life.