Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip to France (Bourgogne-Spring 2010)...Visit to Bernard Moreau

From Pugligny-Monrachet, we had a short drive to the next door village of Chassagne-Montrachet to visit Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils.

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One of Bernard's two sons, Alex hosted our tasting. Bernard Moreau is also a small family-owned domaine, yet their lineup of Chassagne-Montrachet is very impressive.

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In their cave, Alex gave us a tasting of their 2008 vintage wines, most of which were bottled just recently. We tasted 14 wines, including different vineyards of Chassagne-Montrachet. Tasting so many different Chassagne, from the same producer, from the same vintage was such an interesting learning experience. You could really taste the terroir difference.

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After the tasting, we also met the father, Bernard, and Alex's other brother. They are such nice people. They just came back from the vineyards in front of the domaine and they were covered with dirt. Those winemakers in Burgundy are really down-to-earth and very personal. They are essentially "farmers", and I love it!