Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trip to France (Bourgogne-Spring 2010)...Visit to Maison Alex Gambal

Our first visit on Wednesday was Maison Alex Gambal. From our hotel, we walked to his winery inside of the city of Beaune.

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Alex himself hosted our tasting. Alex is American and he moved from Washington DC to Burgundy about 17 years ago with passion for wine. He established Maison Alex Gambal in 1997.

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We tasted about a dozen wines of 2009 (barrel) as well as 2008 (many of them are bottled just recently).

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It was really great to meet Alex in person and listen to his stories not only about wine but also about what he had to go through as an American winemaker in France.

He now produces about 60,000 bottles/ year from purchased grapes from different appellations. I thought his 2009 vintage wines were impressive with the very nice ripeness. Clos Vougeot would be very interesting to taste again after many years!