Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trip to France (Bourgogne-Spring 2010)...Finally in Beaune

Lynne and I checked out of hotel in Paris and left for Beaune today.

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The train left at Gare d'Lyon in the afternoon.

We took TGV to Dijon Ville Station (Gare de Dijon Ville) first, and changed to a local train.

From Dijon, it took just a little over 20 minutes to Beaune.

I was so happy when we finally got to Beaune. I've been loving Burgundy wines so much, and I've been to France for a dozen times, but this was my very first time to come to Burgundy!! Wow, I finally made it here.

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As we were walking from the station to our hotel, we walked by Domaine Camille Giroud. And, guess whom we bumped into in front of the gate. We saw the wine maker, David Croix! He was coming back from somewhere on a bike. I saw him at their tasting dinner last year in Los Angeles, and it was so great to accidentally see him on my first day in Burgundy. We are scheduled to visit the domaine later in the week, but David told us that he will be out of town, so someone else will take care of us.

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The weather in Beaune in the late afternoon was pretty warm. We walked around inside of the historic city a little bit. It was Easter Sunday but some vendors including a few wine shops were open.

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Athenaeum (7, rue de l'Hotel-Dieu 20200, Beaune) is a famous bookstore in Beaune. They specializes in all the wine books as well as wine goods. Inside of the store, there is also a wine shop and wine tasting space. I picked up some books and souvenirs.