Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trip to Italy (October 2014 - Piemonte)...White Truffle Festival in Alba

The rest of the wine group friends from Tokyo arrived safely last night.

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We headed from Torino to Alba, to participate in their annual White Truffle Festival. The main district of Alba was so festive and packed with people like a sushi box.

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The festival itself was inside of a big pavilion. Inside was extremely packed, too. There are so many different vendors of local gourmet and wine.

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And, of course, truffles! In fact, the venue was filled with the aroma of all the truffles sold there. White truffles were treated by vendors like jewels.

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We had lunch at the venue...with shaved white truffles. One of my friends bought a piece of white truffle there, and he let me bit into it, because I was curious how it would taste without slicing thin. Oh boy, it was so aromatic, but the texture was not as nice as when it was sliced. Yes, the truffle tastes the best when it's very thinly-sliced, and I enjoyed it so much.