Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trip to Italy (October 2014 - Piemonte)...I went crazy at Salone del Gusto

Piles of Scamorza Appassiato at Salone del Gusto

In the late afternoon, we came back to Torino.

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We went to Salone del Gusto, which is the world's largest food & wine fair, held every two years in Torino. There are hundred of wine and gourmet producers from all over Italy and from different countries.

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The venue is so huge that it's impossible to walk around in just one day. So, I decided to focus on Piemonte and also checked out a few other regions of Italy.

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I kept walking and visiting different producers. I tasted so many different things, too. I met the winemaker from Carema, too! In just a couple of hours, I bought so many things that my arms felt like almost breaking. Cheeses, chocolate, rice, ancient beans, olive oil, and even a bottle of Bicerine, a historic chocolate & coffee liqueur from Torino!