Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Donabe Birthday

October 3 was my birthday.
I received so many birthday wishes and also many friends celebrated birthday with me. I want to thank everyone who gave me such kind wishes.

 photo IMG_2655_zps08ee3207.jpg
Wonderful night out.

 photo IMG_2671_zpsdd69e578.jpg  photo IMG_2669_zpsa30c26e9.jpg  photo IMG_2670_zps43b02c01.jpg
Jumbo dorayaki! Birthday girl got to find the mini dorayaki inside of the jumbo dorayaki, so I got to wear a crown.

 photo IMG_2702_zpsd2ee8a3e.jpg  photo IMG_2703_zps76e2c0c2.jpg
Decadent seafood dinner at friend's house. I had two huge bowls of donabe bouillabaisse!

 photo IMG_2715_zpsfd304535.jpg  photo IMG_2729_zpsa71bcee2.jpg  photo IMG_2724_zps7433bccb.jpg
Donabe birthday cake! It even had edible toiro kitchen logo. I was speechless. The cake was so beautiful that I was hesitant to cut it first! But, once I tasted it, it took me no time to finish a large slice, because it was so delicious. This year was the 5th anniversary of my company, so it was like a double celebration to me.

I am so lucky to have all these wonderful friends and am so grateful to each one of them.

Happy donabe life forever!