Friday, October 18, 2013

Foil-wrapped Matsutake Mushrooms, wakame and Scallops in Toban

Matsutake, scallop, and wakame in Toban

Matsutake season has arrived. I'm very happy. This year, both in Japan and in the US, I heard that the matsutake mushrooms are experiencing a very good harvest, thus the price in general is more affordable than previous years.

So, since matsutake has been out in the market this season, I've been cooking and eating matsutake so many times already in so many ways.

One of the easiest and tasty ways to cook matsutake for me is with donabe skillet, "Toban". I make foil-wrap matsutake mushrooms with my toban.

Here's how I make it.

 photo IMG_1825_zps990cea1a.jpg  photo IMG_1829_zpsf9e2a92f.jpg  photo IMG_1833_zps07f3e9ca.jpg
Slice the matsutake mushrooms first. Then, take a large piece of aluminum foil and place on toban. Rub a little amount of butter on the aluminum foil then pile the ingredients, starting from the bottom with wakame seaweed (rehydrate first, if you are using dry kind), thinly-sliced tofu (pressed to drain beforehand), sashimi scallops, and sliced matsutake mushrooms. Sprinkle some butter on top.

 photo IMG_1835_zps58fe8d78.jpg
Wrap and seal the foil. Put the toban with the wrapped foil in the 450F (230C)-degree oven and steam-roast for 18-20 minutes.

 photo IMG_2754_zpsd5dbf6ac.jpg  photo IMG_2760_zps3fa4dc09.jpg
Break open the top and carefully slide the content into the toban. Drizzle some ponzu and garnish with chopped mitsuba. The super aromatic matsutake and scallop are ready. The scallops were perfectly cooked to medium-rare, because they were under the matsutake. The combination of the flavors of matsutake, scallop, and butter created amazing effect on the palate!

 photo IMG_2746_zpsd4b8408f.jpg
You can make different variations of this dish. The other day, I did foil wrap of simply wakame and matsutake (no tofu or scallop). It was really nice. Scallop can be substituted with chicken tender, too.

Happy donabe life.