Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Donabe Cooking Class Report...Autumn Shojin Meal

Last Saturday, I hosted a donabe cooking class for a private group.

They were health-conscious people with sophisticated palates. I was excited to give a shojin cuisine (Buddhist temple-style vegan) theme class. We made 5 dishes.

 photo IMG_2782_zps08573ae6.jpg  photo IMG_2801_zps519a9860.jpg
Kabocha and persimmon in creamy tofu & Saikyo miso paste. Kabocha was cooked in donabe steam-rosater, "Tochinsai". In this donabe, you can cook kabocha really nicely in such a short time. The texture is perfect without becoming watery or mushy.

 photo IMG_2738_zpsed5ece20.jpg  photo IMG_2804_zps0e9848ab.jpg
Steam-fry burdock root and carrot ("kimpira gobo") was cooked in tagine-style donabe, "Fukkura-san". We also made spinach in black sesame sauce ("goma-ae").

 photo IMG_2779_zps5aacd10e.jpg
Hot pot of sun-dried mushrooms and tofu, was made in Kyoto-style shallow donabe, "Kyoto Ame-yu". 4 different kinds of sun-dried mushrooms gave really deep umami flavor in the broth.

 photo IMG_2792_zps94a1ddab.jpg
And, of course, donabe rice dish. We made salted kombu and ginger rice in double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san". Salted kombu ("shio-kombu") and dry shiitake made this dish so rich in flavor.

Kabocha & persimmon in creamy tofu & Saikyo miso paste
Spinach in black sesame sauce
Donabe steam-fried burdock root and carrot
Salted kombu and ginger rice
Tofu and sun-dried mushrooms hot pot

Wine Selection
2012 Geyerhof, Gruner Veltliner, Rosensteig (Kremstal, Austria)

I was so happy that everybody enjoyed the class and they told me how much they loved the dishes and the time. I got special energy from them!

Happy donabe life.