Friday, March 30, 2012

Shio-koji tofu...served "Shira-ae" style

Power of shio-koji, indeed.
After shio-koji tofu is marinated over 7 days, tofu starts to dissolve from outside and it becomes extremely creamy.

With my almost 2-week-old shio-koji tofu, I just mashed it and mixed with roasted beets, radish, and kale.

Righteous. Super rich amazing taste. Guilt-free version.

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On another time, I simply whisked the 7-day marinated shio-koji tofu (it's so soft that it becomes smooth just with a whisk) and added some yuzu juice and sliced shiso leaves. Then, just served it with crackers as a little snack with aperitif.

Endless possibilities with shio-koji tofu.
Happy fermentation.