Saturday, June 29, 2013

Grilled Baby Back Ribs in Miso-Lime Glaze

A couple of friends came  over last weekend, and we did BBQ with our Santa Maria BBQ Grill.

The main course was baby back ribs. I got two racks (about 4 pound total) and removed the silver skin and trimmed excess fat first. Then, marinated one with shio-koji and the other with yuzu shichimi salt for overnight.

 photo file_zps0d944a59.jpg  photo file_zpsa4df2a82.jpg
For the shio-koji marinated pork, gently wipe off the marinade with paper towel once it's taken out of refrigerator. They were wrapped in double-layer aluminum foil and roasted at 325F (about 160C) degrees for 2 hours, and rested (covered) for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, I got the basting sauce ready. It's so simple and so tasty. I whisked together 1/4C (60 ml) red miso (I used my 2-yr-old homemade miso), 1/2 tablespoon each grated ginger and garlic, 3 tablespoons homemade plum syrup (can be substituted with honey), 1 tablespoon sesame oil, and juice from half lime. I also added a couple of table spoons of cooking juice from the pork.

 photo file_zps4cb71b2b.jpg  photo file_zps1da634ca.jpg  photo file_zps2eb98c45.jpg  photo file_zps668cf378.jpg
Baby Back Ribs were put on the medium-heat grill and cooked with the lid on for 8-10 minutes. Both sides were brushed with the basting sauce a few times meanwhile.

 photo file_zps76153a19.jpg
The meat was so tender!

 photo file_zps31cdc108.jpg  photo file_zps2d758552.jpg  photo file_zpscf065c33.jpg
They were cut and served with grilled kabocha pumpkin, donabe corn rice (cooked in double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san") and brussels sprouts salad. Wonderful BBQ night under the full moon in our patio.

Happy donabe life.