Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back in Japan (Kyoto - June 2013)...Unagi lunch to miso tasting

(Tuesday, June 4)

We walked down to Gion for a quick lunch.

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The gate of the pathway to the entrance was so tiny and easy to miss. But, once we got to the door, I could smell the appetizing grilled eel.

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Fresh eels are fabricated and cooked to order. They do the traditional Kansai (western Japan) style grilled eel - i.e. an eel is sliced open from the belly side, and not steamed prior to getting grilled. I had a grilled eel rice bowl, topped with thinly-sliced egg crepe. I enjoyed the simple and rustic dish.

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In the afternoon, we visited Honda Miso Honten and met Junya-san, who is the 5th generation of the family-owned miso maker. Honda Miso's history is the history of Saikyo Miso, which is Kyoto's traditional sweet white miso.

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They gave us tasting of different kinds of miso they make. Simply fantasting. Junya-san told us for their "su-miso" (vinegar-seasoned miso), they use Murayama Zosu's Chidori-su!

Wonderful elegant Kyoto experience.