Thursday, June 27, 2013

Donabe Cooking Channel on YouTube

Making donabe cooking video has been on my donabe "to do" list for a long time, and finally I'm on it. We have created "Naoko's Happy Donabe Life" YouTube channe. The channel is about donabe cooking and we want to show recipes of easy and tasty Japanese dishes by using different kinds of donabe.

These are the very first 2 videos. One is our most to make plain rice with donabe.

The next video is Chicken Ginger Rice recipe. It's a very popular dish among my friends.

You can also find the written recipe of Chicken Ginger Rice here.

We want to keep adding more videos in the future, so please subscribe to the channel and stay tuned! Hope my video presentation skill will improve in the new videos...I will do my best.

I also wanted to share another video. Our donabe and myself has been featured by The Grommet.

Additionally, we have upcoming donabe cooking class schedule just announced.

June 29 (Sat)...Nourishing donabe meal for warm weather   SOLD OUT
July 13 (Sat)...Summer "shojin" (Japanese temple-style vegan) dishes   SOLD OUT
July 20 (Sat)...Summer "shojin" (Japanese temple-style vegan) dishes   1 seat left

You can find more details and sign-up from toiro's website here.

Happy doanbe life.