Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back in Japan (Tokyo – June 2013)…Dinner at L’AS

(Saturday, June 8)

On a quiet alley in Aoyama, there is a small French restaurant, L’AS, which is run by a young chef owner. I met a friend thre for dinner.

 photo file_zps495f80bf.jpg
It’s a really hot restaurant and I had to call about a month in advance to secure a table for us. At L’AS, they have only one tasting course menu, which changes every 2 weeks, and dishes are made in a bare-exposed kitchen by the dining room. It was really cool to see all the actions just by our table.

 photo file_zps330ff1bd.jpg  photo file_zpsb7ef9ae0.jpg
Mimolette croquette; American cherry gaspacho.

 photo file_zps44863074.jpg  photo file_zps4b2879b9.jpg
Foie gras sandwich with caramel and lemon.

 photo file_zps0b642169.jpg  photo file_zps9661809c.jpg
Fresh bonito, lightly smoked in straw with tomato marinade in vegetable broth.

 photo file_zps848e540d.jpg  photo file_zpsac66b916.jpg
Scallop and baby corn frito; Roasted pigeon with pureed olive and liver sauce.

 photo file_zps32500590.jpg  photo file_zpsc4a90168.jpg
Two kinds of dessert…Tomato compote with basil gelee and evoo; Coconut gnocchi, tangerine compote, and “kompeito” candies.

8 courses of beautifully-crafted dishes with such complete flavors. I loved every bite of every dish.

 photo file_zpsbcfc0dd3.jpg  photo file_zpsef14c462.jpg  photo file_zpsaf32da44.jpg  photo file_zps0c8b579c.jpg
Henri Giraud, Hommage a Francois Hemart, Champagne, Brut Grand Cru (Ay)…PN 70%/ Ch 30%. Aged in used oak barrel. 2010 Domaine de la Bergerie, Savennieres, Clos le Grand, “Yves Guegniard”…Bio, small production. 2011 Stiftung Seit, Burgerspital Wurzburg, Wurzburger Abtslerte, Trocken, Silvaner (Franken) 2004 La Ca Nova, Barbaresco, “Bonstefano”.

The wine list is full of attractive selections. This time, we did wine by the glass selected by the sommelier. He was so brillient.

This is a kind of restaurant I want to go every other week!