Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back in Japan (Kyoto - June 2013)...Take out foods from Kyoto

(Friday, June 7)

I checked out the hotel in the morning, and spent some time for grocery shopping before taking a Shinkansen express train back to Tokyo.

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Back home with family, we enjoyed my food souvenirs from Kyoto for dinner. The traditional pressed sushi by Izuu since 1781. They were saba (mackerel) and tai (snapper). The vinegar-seasoned kelp is used for preservation purpose without refrigeration. To eat, you remove the kelp wrap and just bite into it. Old wisdom makes wonderful flavored sushi.

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Grilled and seasoned hamo, yuba (tofu skin) sashimi, and Kyoto-style kamaboko (fish cakes).

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They were all really nice with 2010 Simon di Brazzan, Blanc di Simon (Friuli). 100% Friulano.