Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back in Japan (Tokyo – June 2013)…Local dining

Sunday supper at a local sushi restaurant in Urawa.

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Among all the seasonal vegetables, I picked very rare and short-seasoned “Daimyo-dake” bamboo shoot, kinshin-sai plant on skewers, and purple asparagus to grill. Beautiful.

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Tons of sashimi. Junsai with prawns. Rosted duck and raw “mizunasu” eggplant salad.

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And, tons of sushi and sake. Always so good and so satisfying here. Gochisosamadeshita.

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My nephew, Wataru, loves sushi.

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Soba lunch.

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I had mozuku seaweed cold soba. Tons of slimy mozuku seaweed with thinly-sliced myoga, grated ginger, and kabosu citrus slice. Fantastic.