Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Braising Bison "Hump" with Donabe

I cooked Bison's hump meat for the first time today. It was a big 3-pound chunk of the grass-fed natural bison's meat, which I picked up from the farmers' market.

It was so easy and fun. I used the soup & stew donabe ("Miso-shiru" nabe) to braise the meat. With the thick and porus clay, combined with the Far-Infrared Radiation (FIR) effect, the meat cooked so beautifully. Before cooking, I seasoned the meat with just salt and pepper, and let it rest in the fridge for overnight. Then, it was ready to cook.

First, in the donabe, I simply let the meat rest on the sliced onions (2 medium-size onions), and added the water to cover the meat to its shoulder level. Then, covered the surface with a piece of foil and closed the lid.

Then, I just popped it into the 350F degree oven, and let it braised for 4 hours. The aroma coming out of the oven was so wonderful. I turned the meat over once meanwhile.

After 4 hours, the meat became so tender! The meat was cooked evenly all the way, thanks to the slow-cooking with the FIR by the donabe.

With the braising liquid, I made the curry sauce. I can't really write down the specific recipe, because it was my whimsical creation with many different Indian spices...and it worked!

When the sauce was ready, the meat was sliced and reheated with the sauce. I served the meat and curry with the brown rice, which was cooked with the donabe rice cooker ("Kamado-san"). Wow, it was really a wonderful dish. I loved the density of the meat, while it tasted so clean. The meat was "spoon-tender". It was great with the sauce, too.