Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Donabe-steamed Pork & Lotus Root Shumai

Simple steamy donabe dinner courses on a weekday...
With donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe", everything is cooked and enjoyed right at the table.

 photo IMG_8558_zpsbzncdsuf.jpg
Started with simple steamed vegetables (you can find the basic recipe here)...colorful carrots, lotus root, kabu (Japanese turnip), shimeji mushrooms, asparagus, and green garlics. I served with simple mixture of shio-koji and olive oil. Really tasty!

 photo IMG_8564_zpswhkipqc7.jpg  photo IMG_8584_zpsmtdl99gk.jpg
Then, I made pork & lotus root shumai. Instead of regular pork shumai, by adding coarsely minded lotus root, you can enjoy its nice crunchy texture with juicy pork.

You can find the recipe (for both standard pork shumai and pork & lotus root shumai variation) in toiro kitchen's website.

Happy doanbe life.