Friday, May 15, 2015

Back in Japan (Spring 2015)...Donabe Home Party!

Very seasonal donabe hot pot

(April 2015)

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In the morning, Namae-san and his friend who organizes Farmers Market in Shibuya came to pick us up. We drove to Tsukuba area of Ibaraki Prefecture for a day trip. It was about 2 hours by car. We first toured a local (permanent) farmers market. Then, we had a tour at a small soy sauce brewery. They have been making soy sauce over generations there.

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After lunch at a local Italian restaurant, we had an appointment with a local farm. They specialize in organic farming. It was very interesting.

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Back in Tokyo, we were invited to Akiyo-san (Isako's older sister) and Takahiro-san's home for dinner. I was so excited to see them at their home again. Takahiro is an amazing cook, and I was also excited to introduce my friend to them and experience their special home-style dinner. The appetizers were beautiful seafood dishes. He got the ingredients from Tsukiji Fish Market.

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Main dish was, of course, donabe! He made hamaguri clam hot pot with nanohana (rape blossoms) and new harvest wakame seaweed. The broth was made from extra clams. It was like the feeling the season with all my body. So wonderful.

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The "shime" finishing course was somen noodles with slices of kabosu citrus. Perfect ending. With Champagne and a lot of sake, we were super happy and wild.

Happy donabe life.