Saturday, May 2, 2015

Back in Japan (Spring 2015)...Donabe cooking with Nagatani family, true Iga-style

Takako-san's donabe rice with violet petals from her garden

Iga is like my second hometown and Nagatani family is my second family. They always welcome me like I'm a member of the family. Spending time with them is always very special and makes me feel like home.

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Takako (mom) and Isako preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Takako's homemade miso makes the best donabe miso soup!

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Tamami (wife of the oldest son, Yasuhiro) and their daughters. Saaya and Yuyu, they helped in the kitchen one evening.

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On final evening, we had a special dinner with the family. Isako and Takako prepared a feast including many donabe dishes. All the delicious dishes made from local ingredients!

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Donabe appetizers included steamed vegetables in donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe", smoked Iga pork sausages and cheese made in donabe smoker, Ibushi Gin.

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Fish and vegetables hot pot, made in a classic-style donabe. So delicious.

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With double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san", Takako made a beautiful rice with violet petals (from her garden). The gentle aromas of the dashi and flower made beautiful harmony. With another Kamado-san, Isako made plain rice and made into onigiri (rice balls) to grill and season with their homemade miso!

It was such a beautiful evening and everybody had a great time. The dinner was simply so special and it's hard to describe in words. Nagatani family's special love and omotenashi (hospitality).

Happy donabe life.