Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trip to Europe (Italy-Slovenia) Fall 2012...Simple dinner in Gorizia

I didn't have wi-fi access the past I am updating with a new post finally now...

(Monday, October 15)
We returned to Gorizia (Italy) from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia in the evening. With such nice lunch with tons of Josko Gravner wines, most people in the group were still full and tired.

Since the night was free. Some of us decided to go to a local trattoria for a casual meal.

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Even after a lot of wine tasting/ drinking, we always become thirsty for more wine for dinner.

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Insalata mista was very fresh and nice. As a main course, I had Treviso Lasagna. It was very homey style and good. My friend's goulash tagliatelle looked very rustic and homey, too.