Saturday, December 26, 2009

Healing Power…Miso Nikomi Udon with Donabe

We came back from our trip to Japan a few days ago. It was a wonderful 2-week stay (including in Seoul, Korea) and we miss our time there so much.

We were heavily jetlagged and exhausted the next day, but we were also very hungry. So I made us Miso Nikomi Udon (udon noodles, braised in miso broth) with donabe for lunch.

This is my classic stylel donabe, “Hakeme”…it’s a multi-purpose donabe from Iga, Japan. My life would be so difficult without it! As much as I love using this donabe, I just love staring at its beauty.

Making Nikomi Udon is so easy and simple, especially since it’s a “one pot” donabe dish. This is also a wonderful vegetarian dish with a lot of flavors. If you want to make it heartier non-vegetarian version, you can simply add your choice of meat to the broth.

I first simmered the cabbage and shiitake with the broth (dashi stock, sake, light soy sauce). Once the vegetables are cooked, I dissolved the miso paste in the broth. Then, I added the frozen udon noodles (it’s great stuff, as you don’t need to pre-cook or defrost it before adding to the broth). Right before serving, I added the grated ginger (for the healing power!).

Photobucket Photobucket
I served the whole donabe pot at the table and served it into individual bowls with some condiments…a little amount at a time, so that the udon and the broth could stay very hot in the donabe before the second serving.

The donabe udon made me feel so much better. You can find the full recipe on toiro’s website. Please check it out.