Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Donabe Gamjatang

As I was so inspired by the delicious Gamjatang dinner I had in Seoul, I decided to make my own "donabe" version at home. For this dish, I used my classic-style donabe, "Hakeme".

The main ingredients of Gamjatang are pork and potato. Instead of the back bone meat which is traditionally used for this dish in Korea, I picked up the nice pork ribs and salt-marinated it overnight. I cooked the meat for about 2 hours with water in the donabe over 325F in the oven. By the time, the cooking water turned into a nice rich stock. I seasoned it with kochujang, hot red chili powder, soy sauce, miso, etc., and added the potatoes. Once the potatoes are cooked through, I added mushrooms and other ingredients.

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Voila. It was served with a lot of sesame leaves and ground black pepper. The flavor was amazing. The meat was super-tender and fell off the bone very easily. In fact, it was so delicious that I liked my version even better than the original kind I had in Seoul!

As a "shime", instead of making the rice dish, we cooked the ramen noodles in the leftover broth. Righteous.