Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back in Japan (Winter 09)…Unagi lunch at Kojima-ya

With the family, we went to Kojima-ya for lunch today. It’s my favorite unagi (eel) restaurant in Urawa.

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They have been making unagi dishes for 200 years!

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Appetizers…”Tamago-yaki” (Jidori chicken egg omelet), and “Kimo-sui” (clear soup with the eel’s gut), which is the typical accompaniment for the unagi rice. The gut was grilled and tasted so meaty.

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My “Unaju” (Unagi over rice in a rectangular box) smelled and looked so delicious. Aaaa….I really missed their unaju. The taste was so heavenly! The premium unagi was grilled over charcoal and it was so aromatic and succulent. The sauce was just enough to bring out the flavor of the eel. The rice had the perfect texture to go with the eel.

It was a real treat. I never get tired of Kojima-ya’s unagi.