Friday, November 11, 2011

Trip to Europe (Switzerland-Fall 2011)...Final shopping

(Day 14)
Sunday, November 6

It was already the final day in this Europe trip. I still had some CHF (Swiss franc) cash left, so I picked up more goodies.

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Mmm...A boxful of Luxemburgerli (that's how they call macarons)...I got flavors of Champagne, marron (chestnut), hazelnut, Swiss chocolate, capuccino, etc. They were so good. I also picked up a round spice cake. I am not sure if it's a traditional cake there...but it tasted really good, also.

In the evening, I finally arrived at LAX. Jason was waiting at the airport to pick me up...I missed him so much! He knew what I wanted to eat after 2 weeks of eating almost only heavy meaty European food. He drove us straight to Seonbukdong in Koreatown!

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I had seafod Sundubu (hot tofu soup). Jason had octopus bibimbop.
My stomach was so happy! I was so happy to be back in LA, the wonderful city with cultural diversity (especially food).