Monday, November 7, 2011

Trip to Europe (Piemonte-Italy-Fall 2011)...Tasting at Bartolo Mascarello

(Day 10)
We made a quick stop in Alba for lunch.

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We walked downtown Alba to a place called, Vincafe. I had Insalata Bergera…I made a wrong order…I thought it was going to be a salad with lots of greens. But instead, it was tons of cheese and walnuts in creamy dressing over celery. Waaah.

Please give me vegetables…

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In the afternoon, we were back in the town of Barolo. We visited Bartolo Mascarello, which is also one of my favorite Barolo producers.

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We tasted the following wines:
2009 Langhe, Freisa…”Padre de Nebbiolo”
2010 Dolcetto d’Alba
2009 Barbera d’Alba
2007 Barolo…from 4 different vineyards

Although it was a quick stop, it was great to be able to taste their new releases and also see late Bartolo's original artworks.