Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Swiss cheese time

I brought home a lot of cheeses from Switzerland.

These artisan unpasteurized cheeses were quite unbelievable.

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Among what I brought back, my favorite kind was Stanser Chua Flada, by a fromager called, Rolf Beeler. It's a Vacherin-style cheese with full-body robust flavor. The initial aroma is quite barnyardy, but once you scoop the inside, the flavor has a rich sweetness with earthy (grassy) nuance. It was so special.

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Also from Switzerland, I took home this plastic cup with a almost bizarre-looking character called, Globi. He is like a blue parrot with arms and legs. I learned Globi is like Swiss Mickey Mouse and it's been loved by Swiss kids (and adults) for generations. I was so intrigued by the look of Globi, so I had to buy this cup although it was extremely over-priced (almost US$10!). Now, I drink my morning kefir from this Golbi cup every day.