Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trip to Europe (Piemonte-Italy-Fall 2011)...More white truffles! Dinner at Trattoria Antica Torre

(Day 8)
From our hotel in Barolo, we drove all the way to Barbaresco, for dinner at Trattoria Antica Torre.

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The trattoria is located right by the historic tower of Barbaresco. I was hoping they have some insalata mista (mixed salad) there…my body needed vegetables!

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So, I found in the menu, “Insalata Russia”, and it was the only vegetable dish in the menu. I ordered it, and well, it wasn’t quite what I expected. It was basically a potato salad in mayo sauce (I'm not sure if that's exactly Russian-style?)…someone, please bring me green leaves!

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But, hey, we were in Barolo at the end of October. So, we did white truffle again! We all got Tajarin tagliati a mano (hand-made very thin tagliati pasta) with tartufo bianco. A whole large white truffle was decadently finished for all of us! The truffle was so aromatic.

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Other pasta dishes were also great.

My main course was Coniglio al forno (roasted free-range rabbit). It was a very rustic dish.

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Here’s the list of what we drank that night:
2010 Giovanni Almondo, Roero Arneis, Bricco delle Ciliegie
1998 Giuseppe Cortese, Barbaresco, “Rabaja”
1979 Produttori del Barbaresco, Barbaresco Reserva, “Rabaja”

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Fromaggio (cheese) course, and desserts.

It was a Halloween night, so I brought a witch hat. I gave it a group of local people at a next table. It seems they enjoyed a little American-way festivity.