Friday, November 4, 2011

Trip to Europe (Piemonte-Italy-Fall 2011)...Dinner at Real Castello di Verduno

(Day 9)
After all day in Barbaresco, we headed to a town, Verduno for dinner.

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We had a reservation at Real Castello di Verduno (Via Umberto I, 9 Verduno 12060), which was a castle originally built in 16th century and now a gorgeous hotel and restaurant.

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It was a big dinner that this evening. We were joined by Olek Bondonio, and his friend winemaker, Andrea Bosco (from Bosco Agostino in Barolo), and his girlfriend, Alessandra. Castello di Verduno is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the region. We enjoyed classic Piemontese dishes.

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After marinated anchovy amuse, I started with Carne di Verduno, which Olek told us we just shouldn’t miss. It’s a salt-cured veal, served carpaccio-style. He was right, the flavor was so delicate and delicious. It was like raw version of prosciutto.

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Carnaroli in Risotto al Verduno…simple and very authentic. Gnocchi was also nice.

My main course was Giura, which was also Olek’s recommendation. It was veal shank, braised for many hours. The flavor and texture were both fantastico! The meat was in light broth, and just so tasty.

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I also had Bagna cauda con verdure cotte e crude. I just really wanted to try their authentic bagna cauda (mixed garlic and anchovy in olive oil, served with vegetables). It was surprisingly mild and very balanced flavor. I loved it. Brasato al Barolo is another classic dish. Beef, braised in Barolo sauce.

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Cheese course with miele (honey), and zabaglione.

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Both Andrea and Olek kindly shared their wines with us! We also ordered some more wines.
2009 Bosco Agostino, Barbera d’Alba, “Volupta”…aged in 50% new 50% used barrique.
2007 Olek Bondonio, Barbaresco, “La Berchialla”
2008 Olek Bondonio, Barbaresco
2007 Bosco Agostino, Barolo, “Neisane”
2007 Bosco Agostino, Barolo, “La Serra”
2008 Bosco Agostino, Barolo, “La Serra”
1999 Giuseppe Rinaldi, Barolo (Brunate)
1996 Bartolo Mascarello, Barolo

It was a special evening to dine together with wonderful winemakers of the region and also taste their wines. We had so much fun.