Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trip to Cannes (Fall 09) Day 6...Another Moroccan Night

All my crazy work was finally over today! I am going back to LA tomorow. I got together with two friends for dinner tonight. We went back to the Moroccan restaurant, Le Riad, again tonight!

We had exactly the same appetizers as the last time...Oriental Mixed Salad and Fried Mixed Bricks.

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For the main course, I tried their Cous Cous plate. My course came with a plate of mixed meat (lamb, chicken, meat balls, and merguez), a huge bowl of cous cous, and the soup with stewed vegetables. What a feast! The waiter first put the cous cous on the plate, topped it with the vegetables, then poured the broth over it. Wow, it was very nice. The meat was all very tender and very flavorful, and the vegetables and couscous soaked the nice broth well.

Densely flavored Cotes du Luberon was a great pairing with my dish.

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It was a delicious, fun, and entertaining evening with fun people. We enjoyed the belly dancing show, too!