Monday, October 12, 2009

Tonight's Donabe Dinner...Tara Chiri Nabe (Cod Hot Pot)

The weather has been cooling down's becoming a perfect season for donabe hot pot dishes.

Tonight's dish requires a classic style donabe. It's a very versatile multi-purpose donabe.

We did simple Tara Chiri (cod hot pot) tonight. The broth is simply infused with the dashi kombu (dry kelp), which was removed once the broth is ready. Then, we just cooked the ingredients and dipped them in the homemade ponzu sauce with condiments.

Photobucket Photobucket
Tara (cod) is one of the popular ingredients for the hot pot. Therefore, there is even a specific name for the cod hot pot dish. Besides the cod, we cooked the regular hot pot items, such as hakusai (Napa cabbage), mushrooms, kuzukiri, yuba, tofu, etc.

So delicious!

As a "shime" (finish), we cooked udon noodles.

For more information about the classic donabe and recipes, please check out toiro's website.