Thursday, March 3, 2016

Quality Time in Sonoma...Sonoma-style home dinners

This time, I came up for the donabe dinner event at Rintaro in San Francisco, and spent a few nights at Kyle & Katina's place in Healdsburg again.

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On the first night, Kyle made his "Sonoma" version of my Tan Tan Nabe recipe, with local vegetables in side. It was so good.

A day after Rintaro's dinner event, I got to spend a full day with Kyle and his team in Healdsburg. They are working so busy to get ready for the opening of Single Thread Farms, slated for June this year.

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Aaron, who is the restaurant's Chef de Cuisine, showed me one of their gardens. We harvested some vegetables to make a salad for lunch.

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SHED is just a minute walk from their place. I LOVE everything about this place. They have a cafe, restaurant, kitchen tool and artisan gourmet shop, deli, etc. I can spend hours in this place. Everything made at SHED is so delicious, too.

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We picked up a lot of delicious treats from there and had a "family meal" lunch at home. It was so Sonoma-style and gorgeous!

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Later in the afternoon, we visited their farm in Russian River.

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So beautiful.

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For dinner, Kyle and Aaron made tempura and temaki sushi! Home dinner with talented chefs is just wonderful...I feel so lucky every time! The sushi rice was, of course, made in double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san".

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Beautiful salad made from ingredients freshly harvested from their garden, and super light-crisp was exactly my kind of dinner.

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Kyle's Sonoma crab temaki was so delicious, too.

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Then, he made shrimp tempura and crab temaki for us, too. So decadent and good!