Saturday, March 26, 2016

Back in Japan (March 2016)...Dinner at Igarashi in Ebisu

Donabe Tai-meshi (rice cooked with sea bream head)

(March 16)

I had some shopping in Ginza today, so I stopped by at Akomeya Tokyo for lunch.

 photo IMG_8022_zpswanr15do.jpg
This is my regular lunch spot. Their daily lunch set including donabe rice is always wonderful.

 photo IMG_8031_zpspvcywm8a.jpg  photo IMG_8032_zpsfywvlnee.jpg
For dinner, I met my girlfriends, Fuku-chan and Fujie-chan. We went to the same high school and university together. Fujie-chan picked a nice Japanese restaurant in Ebisu. It's called Igarashi. The dinner course started with seasonal hamaguri clam, wakame, and hisui-mame tofu in a broth.

 photo IMG_8036_zpsneozsrvh.jpg  photo IMG_8041_zpsq9cdgqxk.jpg  photo IMG_8052_zpsy2hkvubp.jpg
Marinated fresh hotaru-ika (firefly squid) was served with individual stone skillet. Sizzling hotaru-ika was so aromatic and tasted sweet.

 photo IMG_8055_zpsyuy7yrm1.jpg  photo IMG_8056_zps30yk7gcw.jpg  photo IMG_8060_zpsypt3dajk.jpg
All the seasonal flavors.

 photo IMG_8067_zps2jvbgjnl.jpg  photo IMG_8070_zps5rtskhyk.jpg
Duck was so tender.

 photo IMG_8073_zpsrqenblfm.jpg  photo IMG_8076_zpsrgpvlrfd.jpg  photo IMG_8077_zps2cwxlkto.jpg
Rice course was tai-meshi! Large head of sea bream was broiled on the skin and cooked with the rice in a dashi broth in a donabe. It was beautifully cooked and so delicious. I got to eat the eye ball, too!

 photo IMG_8079_zps8efrxaiz.jpg
The owner/ chef Igarashi-san is very talented and he is also very humble. I enjoyed the dinner and the wonderful time with friends so much.

Happy donabe life.