Saturday, March 19, 2016

Back in Japan (March 2016)...Sister Time

(March 11)

I spent all day with my sister, Tomoko, today.

 photo IMG_7694_zps1ict09sn.jpg
For lunch, we went to Godaime Nodaiwa in Azabu. This is a very famous unagi (eel) restaurant for 5 generations.

 photo IMG_7696_zpsswybho2d.jpg
Umaki (rolled omelet with eel inside) was so good.

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Una-ju (grilled eel over rice).

 photo IMG_7705_zpsgpai6b8x.jpg
Their unagi is always perfect. So fluffy and aromatic. I was so happy.

 photo IMG_7711_zpswdvtlarw.jpg
In the evening, we hung out at a local wine bar in Urawa.

 photo IMG_7710_zpsfv6if2kl.jpg  photo IMG_7718_zpsnowmdc5r.jpg
It's a tiny place and packed with local wine lovers. Their food is very good, too. I loved the chicken heart.

 photo IMG_7717_zpsbjy8luci.jpg
We had a good time.