Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Back in Japan (March 2016)...Steak night in Aoyama

Chunks of Ichibo (tip of the bottom) and Harami (outer skirt) meat to be grilled

(March 18)

During the day, I visited a friend of mine from high school at his shops in Kappabashi.

 photo IMG_8158_zpsnhrnhryo.jpg  photo IMG_8162_zps2ztkdrbx.jpg  photo IMG_8163_zpsx80cttlq.jpg
Kawasaki-kun is a 3rd generation family owner of a traditional kitchenware shop in the heart of Kappabashi. He also runs a unique artisan kitchen and tableware shop in the same district.

 photo IMG_8164_zpsrgpzrdc5.jpg
His knowledge about anything kitchen/tableware and artisan producers is so amazing. I had a great time spending time with him at his stores and learned so much from him.

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In the early evening, I met Chiharu-san at Cafe Kitsune in Omotesando. Modern coffee house scene has been quite huge in Tokyo.

 photo IMG_8172_zpsxc36egwu.jpg
Then, we went to meet up with the rest of the group at a "hidden" steak house in Minami-Aoyama. It's called T Grill. Chiharu and I worked together at TOSHIBA EMI and got together with old colleagues for dinner there. I worked in the international department there for a little over 4 years and have so many (crazy) fun memories with them.

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The dinner was really good. We started with vegetable fritter salad, then had grilled hamburg made from hand-cut meat.

 photo IMG_8200_zps7gjqhd7c.jpg
The steak was cooked over charcoal grill. So good.

 photo IMG_8195_zpskjj2fewb.jpg
We had such a great time talking about old time and everything. We were laughing all the time.