Friday, March 4, 2016

Quality Time in Sonoma...Departing Day

The 4th day was Saturday and my flight was departing from SFO in the evening. So, I could spend the final quality time in Sonoma until in the afternoon.

 photo IMG_7329_zps7dnr69uh.jpg  photo IMG_7324_zpsotuhae1x.jpg  photo IMG_7326_zpsdywzz3xo.jpg
In the morning, we walked to SHED for breakfast.

 photo IMG_7328_zpsium93tzf.jpg  photo IMG_7318_zpsleehj3nk.jpg
Then, Kyle gave a tour of his restaurant construction site.

 photo IMG_7321_zpsvfgzihar.jpg  photo IMG_7319_zpsligjfapb.jpg
I could definitely see the big progress since I visited there last October. It's going to be a real special restaurant & inn...I just can't wait for its opening.

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In the afternoon, I did some more shopping at SHED, because I love the shop so much.

 photo IMG_7338_zps9f1lfkkm.jpg  photo IMG_7337_zpshqcl5rv7.jpg
Kyle drove me to Santa Rosa airport to pick up a shuttle to SFO. On our way there, we stopped by at Rochioli Vineyards and Winery for tasting. It was another gorgeous day in Sonoma and the wines was beautiful.

What a fun stay I had again in Sonoma. Thank you so much, Kyle, Katina, and the team!

 photo IMG_7342_zpszlpsocu7.jpg
So, this time, the only time I spent in San Francisco was the dinner event at Rintaro and couldn't get to visit any bookstore or other shops. But later, my friend Kyoko sent me this photo from Books Kinokuniya in San Francisco. My DONABE Cookbook was in the front showcase display!

Happy donabe life.