Sunday, March 27, 2016

Back in Japan (March 2016)...DONABE Cooking Class at iga-mono Tokyo

Left bottom photo by Nagatani-en

(March 17)

On a sunny day in Tokyo, I had a pleasure hosting two donabe cooking class events at Nagatani-en's iga-mono shop in Ebisu.

 photo IMG_8090_zpsnloieozz.jpg
Both classes were sold out immediately after the announcement. For 12 seatings each class, Isako said more than twice the number of people applied!

 photo IMG_8084_zpstejrvjj6.jpg  photo IMG_8088_zpsdigk1dvb.jpg
Isako, Akiyo, and staff of iga-mono helped setting up the classes.

 photo IMG_8110_zpscbriuvxg.jpg  photo IMG_8112_zpszhb3ezjy.jpg
Recipe packet was beautifully designed.

 photo thumb_639_975037562578034_4296363441457083986_n_1024_zpsv3plpokh.jpg  photo IMG_8094_zpsbd3kt0gp.jpg
I demonstrated 4 different dishes (all made in donabe) from my DONABE Cookbook.

 photo thumb_1607114_975037729244684_7556908271524854066_n_1024_zpsicpbnmim.jpg  photo thumb_10417449_975037755911348_7853982635869978298_n_1024_zpszhdnjkzr.jpg
Steamed shrimp on tofu with sizzling sauce.

 photo thumb_1923900_975038102577980_7162174504627174286_n_1024_zpsk0jojynb.jpg  photo thumb_1794699_975038019244655_7264948295448699931_n_1024_zpst5mkxej6.jpg
Niigata-style sake-rich hot pot.

 photo IMG_8099_zps9qcnzevr.jpg  photo IMG_8127_zpsjv3zbw5y.jpg
Butter scallop and daikon rice.

 photo IMG_8103_zps82eyj2h2.jpg  photo IMG_8105_zpshjr4o1t4.jpg
Matcha steam cake.

 photo IMG_8114_zpsb3qrd3xm.jpg
So much fun.

 photo thumb_1623642_975042799244177_4651518908749601534_n_1024_zpsl9dqjfhi.jpg  photo thumb_1505574_975038259244631_2576118269344200935_n_1024_zpsoctnyc8s.jpg
My friend from high school, Yoshiko, also came to the event. So happy she came! She also took some of the photos (rectangular size ones) above. Thank you, Yoshiko!

Happy donabe life.