Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back in Japan (March 2016)...Sushi night

Menegi sushi with a sprinkle of sea salt

(March 21)

It's been already two weeks since I came back to Japan and was the final night of the stay this time.

 photo IMG_8352_zpsgo2v3eik.jpg  photo IMG_8357_zpsmtl2sgvx.jpg
Tomoko and I went to a regular sushi place in Urawa. Their sushi chef, tamura-san took great care of us again.

 photo IMG_8365_zpszor00bur.jpg  photo IMG_8374_zpst8xbjmz3.jpg
He makes wonderful savory dishes besides sushi, too.

 photo IMG_8378_zpsopvkufmn.jpg  photo IMG_8383_zpsfydhrikz.jpg  photo IMG_8387_zps9pc5fcdh.jpg  photo IMG_8395_zpsaq9oico9.jpg  photo IMG_8396_zpss41vfwbz.jpg
The photos were less than half of what we ate. We ate so many savory dishes and more than 10 nigiri each! We also drank 6 kinds of sake.

 photo IMG_8392_zpsttu73d42.jpg  photo IMG_8400_zps6qsprgp1.jpg
We even took home cut rolls to snack later.

Very fun sister night.