Friday, March 25, 2016

Back in Japan (March 2016)...Lunch at Ichirin

(March 15)

The rain was up today and the sun was out. I went out with my sister to have lunch at Ichirin in Jingu-mae. We've been huge fans of Chef Mikizo-san's artistic Kyoto cuisine there.

 photo IMG_7924_zps1obrcaun.jpg  photo IMG_7927_zpsqfyceuj9.jpg  photo IMG_7929_zpseyay9voc.jpg
All the beautiful spring flavors.

 photo IMG_7933_zps3gvp4bhb.jpg  photo IMG_7942_zpsp0zmjoej.jpg  photo IMG_7953_zpssgtyhkhn.jpg  photo IMG_7961_zpsmiuy6b7d.jpg
Mikizo-san's sashimi and hausse courses.

 photo IMG_7973_zps8dgjdpc5.jpg  photo IMG_7982_zpsaja9afpf.jpg
We enjoyed a few kinds of sake.

 photo IMG_7984_zpsjofssydp.jpg  photo IMG_7997_zpshwmnr18f.jpg
Oyster and tarano-me tempura. And, grilled tachi-uo fish and bamboo shoot.

 photo IMG_8002_zpsdxmrblri.jpg  photo IMG_8003_zpsimpq4r8i.jpg
Tai (sea bream) and dashi broth to enjoy with the donabe rice.

 photo IMG_8006_zpsbyrrxffb.jpg  photo IMG_8007_zpsk4d5cbgp.jpg  photo IMG_8010_zpsdavz7cdc.jpg

 photo IMG_8011_zpsixlusate.jpg
Another extraordinary meal! We also exchanged each other's books. Such a wonderful time.